SinXenon Art

Hello, my dear visitor,

I would like to present to you some of my artwork, mainly digital art.

Here you can find characters from a fantasy universe of my own creation (but not a common one - it is somewhere between the middle of 18th and early 20th century Europe).

I am going to entertain you with portraits, stickers, comics (sometimes), and stories about my universe and its characters (least frequent due to my poor English).

I hope some of my works find a tender place in your heart and mind.

Languages: Russian / English / Ukrainian


I can't stop seeing that he looks like an anime character. Actually, Ed is from a cyberpunk world of my multi-universe.

This 5'4" (164 cm) boy with a doll-like face, in fact, is a 27 y.o. man, but due to the kind of magic he possesses, he stopped aging at 14 - 17.

He definitely isn't the type of person you would want to meet someday: he struggles with a severe personality disorder (wow, same as almost all of my characters), but this "special" guy finds the greatest pleasure in somebodies suffering or even in torture-murder.

But even this embodiment of pure evil with an innocent child-like appearance could still serve humanity. Besides eternal youth, his magic grants him absolute immunity to almost all diseases. So scientists used him to create vaccines and study the methods of canceling cellular senescence, surely, without his agreement.


This is my old artwork (half digital, half traditional), but I still enjoy it. It makes me feel I have no progress since those times. Whatever...

This man with cold eyes is called Rider (kind of a pseudonym). He is a cleric of the God of Knowledge, and his favorite hobbies are traveling and art, especially drawing and sculpturing. He's convinced that art has answers to the questions, where science is still silent.

His traveling lasts for more than 10 years now. It has started in old Persia - a splendid country with marble palaces and golden sands, but where he in his young ages became an outcast due to the gossips of his foes. He moved northwestward through almost all of Europe, exploring its culture and history, and now finds himself in somber, rainy, but absolutely charming London. There, he hopes, the gloomy houses with their peaked roofs give him a homely shelter, and the ancient libraries whisper to him the old stories and secret knowledge of this inconceivable world.


One more pretty boy to this world. <3

This young man is the essence of pure beauty and kindness. Don't look at his clothes, thinking that he is definitely from the modern world. Actually, he did some time travels (or more precisely - traveling between the parallel worlds), so he is used to the different fashion throughout the centuries.

He is a shadow walker with deep knowledge of enchantments and magic of charm. I'm not sure he really needs that, whilst he has perfect manners, face, and body, which ignite envy in the stone hearts of the graceful antic statues and, most importantly, a charming personality.

Here I drew him with a strong emotion of happiness and encouragement because, despite him being an introvert, this boy is the life of the party amongst his more serious and gloomy friends.

Please note that he is a more complex character, that it seems to be on the surface.


My first time posting on Waterfall. Just wondering how it all works here.

This is my character Vincent - a mage and a soldier. And a "princess", as the others call him because of his feminine look and porcelain-like fragility. Despite his pretty face, he frequently demonstrates astonishing courage and iron will.